Research Title
An investigation on the treatment of vegetables on the concentration of Vitamin C.
Research Topic
Vitamin C present in Vegetables; How are we going to retain most of the Vitamin C contained in the Vegetable before we consume(How it was cooked/prepared)
1.1    Background Research  
We have chosen the capsicum and cabbage as capsicums as according to Nast(2014) have some of the highest amounts of Vitamin C among vegetables/fruits and vegetables and cabbages to have variety and are very easily obtainable. Roig, Rivera, Kennedy(2014) said that Vitamin C chemically decomposes under certain conditions, which may occur during the cooking of food. Vitamin C concentrations in various food substances decrease with time in proportion to the temperature they are stored at and cooking can reduce the Vitamin C content of vegetables by about 60% due to increased enzymatic destruction and it may happen faster at sub-boiling temperatures. Longer cooking times also increase the loss of Vitamin C.
1.2    Research Question
  1. Which type of vegetable is better for consumption in terms of Vitamin C?
  2. What role does Vitamin C play in the human body?
  3. What happens if a human has deficiency of Vitamin C?
  4. Are there side effects of too much Vitamin C?
  5. What colour vegetables contain more Vitamin C?
1.3    Hypothesis
If one wanted to consume the most Vitamin C in a vegetable, then one should eat it raw.
1.3.1    Independent variable(s)
  1. Ways we are preparing the Vegetables
1.3.2 Dependent variable
How many drops it takes for Solution to turn blue-black.
1.3.3 Constants

  1. Equipments
  2. Cabbage Leaves(from the same plant)
  3. Type & Condition of water (Clear and of close temperature each time used)

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