5.      Conclusions
  1. Eating vegetables raw gives us the most Vitamin C.
  2. Eating vegetables that have been kept for one day will decrease the amount of Vitamin C.
5.1    Summary of findings
  1. Ranking of the most Vitamin C to the least Vitamin C contained in the treat vegetable: Raw, Boiled, Steam, Fried
5.2    Practical Applications
  1. With the information, we can share it with the rest on the proper way to keep most of its Vitamin C when consuming it.
5.3    Areas for further study
     1. Try it out on fruits and compare which source of food can provide the consumer the most amount of Vitamin C.

Ideas for future research

  1. To find out what makes the fried capsicum have a higher level of vitamin C compared to a fried cabbage.
  2. To experiment and find out if there is a way to cook a vegetable while keeping at least 95% of its Vitamin C inside it.

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