Day 1:
Augustine - Today we went to the lab to set up and check that we have everything we need, we did not have everything as I was not able to aquire the item from the place I went. Other than that, we also learned that there was not enough resources to go around and we had to loan items to other groups as we could not start. I will try to find the items at a different place today.

Daris - Today, we went to the lab to prepare all our items and got use to the area we were given, although not all the items we needed were there, we were lucky to meet Miss Su, who will help us with our testing and provide us with the materials we need the next lesson. I also went around to see what other groups did, and found some projects really interesting...hope we can conduct the experiment by this week ^^.

Day 2 :
Augustine - Today I walked around the lad and observed that some groups have already started, we have not as we were not able to treat the vegetables in time for today, we will start the project tomorrow.

Daris - Today, I was walking around the lab observing what other teams were doing. Although not all teams started on the project already, like us, we could see them preparing the set-up. As we are conducting it tomorrow afternoon, we will prepare the set-up in tomorrow’s ISS class.

Day 2(Afternoon) :
Augustine - We finished all our testing we intended to do, feel really good that we finished. We are considering testing more tomorrow. Big thank you to Miss Su for helping us and staying back really late.
Daris - We conducted the experiment in the afternoon with Ms Su. She taught us how to conduct the experiment. We want to thank Ms Su for spending her afternoon with us by guiding us and washing up the juicer after each testing.

Day 3 :
Augustine - We had nothing much to do so we took the samples from yesterday and tested them again to see if there was any change to the amount of Vitamin C after refrigerating for 1 day.

Daris - Today, we did something extra. We took the leftover we kept yesterday after the experiment in the fridge to test its Vitamin C. After we tested its Vitamin C, we threw away all the leftovers of the Vegetables and kept our results. The results are currently sent to be tabulated by Augustine.

Day 4:
Augustine - Not around. lel
Daris - I checked on the boiling tubes we used and some were not clean, so I went to wash up on those dirty ones. After washing up, I went around the groups to check out their experiments. After walking 2 rounds, I went back to our table and pack up our items. As Augustine was absent, the results were still unknown.

Day 5:
Daris - Did the GPP and started on the Final Report.
Augustine - Finalised GPP.

Day 6:
Daris - Did the GPP and Final Report. After doing part of it, walked around the lab.
Augustine - Did final report.

Day 7:
Daris - Did the GPP and Final Report.
Augustine - Did final report.

Day 8:
Daris - Did the GPP and Final Report.
Augustine - Did final report.

Day 9:
Daris - Did the GPP and Final Report tabulated the graphs and results and put inside GPP and Report.
Augustine - Did final report.

Day 10:
Daris - Did the GPP and Final Report. Inserted images we have taken.
Augustine - Did final report.

Day 11:
Daris - Did the GPP and Final Report. We also almost completed the Report and GPP.
Augustine - We have almost completed the final report.

Day 12:
Daris - I did the Science Worksheet that was given out in class and would try to go home and refine the Proposals.
Augustine - Did the worksheet that was given out in class.

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